281 Cutting Unit


The 281 cutting unit from Herzog & Heymann is a very adaptable cutting machine. This machine can do many cutting functions, all that is needed is the appropriate knife. Because of its versatility there are a number of options available to the 281 that allow one to make the 281 cutting unit even more useful.

 Standard Features:

  •  Creasing device
  •  Perforation device
  •  Edgetrim device
  •  Independent self-control

Optional Features:

  •  Ball rail alignment system
  •  Speed synchronization
  •  Timed perforation
  •  35 mm creasing
  •  35 mm perforation
  •  35 mm slitting
  •  Centerbleed device
  •  Head or tail slitting
  •  Tear-off perforation
  •  Micro perforation

Technical Specifications