FA 46 / 66 / 82 -ME Vertical Stacker


The FA series of deliveries are mobile and height-adjustable vertical stacking deliveries designed for processing non-sensitive and stable products in high print runs. In addition to delivering a quality product, its ergonomic design results in more efficient workflows.  Controlled by a light barrier and a counter, the marking device allows a preselected number of products to be collated for packaging which considerably facilitates the loading/ removal of the sheets. A height-adjustable jogging table is positioned directly above the delivery – since the product is stacked in front of the operator, a stack just has to be removed from the pile and carefully positioned onto the jogging table.

  Standard Features:

  •   Integrated pressing station
  •   Mobile
  •   Adjustable infeed height
  •   Marking device
  •   Independent self-control
  •   Product spreading at infeed
  •   Integrated counter

Technical Specifications