PFS Plow Fold Station


The PFS Plow Folding Module from MBO America is a web based plow folding unit for 20 inch and 30 inch web finishing.  This machine is designed to install prior to the sheeter to give an extra fold pattern, ie. gear side over op side, to web finishing lines.  Used to make items such as newsletters and self mailers.  The unit can accommodate a variety of paper types with high-speed capability.

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable plow lengths for different formats and paper types
  • Movable fold head with 180° range to plow up or plow down
  • Four adjustable folding assistance tools
  • Integrated cutting/perfing prior to fold
  • Driven roller front of plow for precise tension control
  • Bypass rollers to skip the fold when not needed

Technical Specifications

MBO PFS Web Plow Station Detail Video