SVC 23 Sheeter (23")

The SVC 23 is the latest module advancement to the heart of MBO’s rollfed finishing line, able to sheet the web for a broad range of products at high speeds. The operator interface, scrap removal method, web width and tooling access is able to provide additional value and uptime. Cut length, chip-out and other functions are programmable, allowing for a fast, tool-less setup. The new knife cylinder arrangement is cassette style so it can slide out for easy maintenance and access. Scrap removal has been improved. The SVC 23’s robust components are built to withstand continuous use in a 24/7 commercial print environment and provide exceptional value for processing continuous form inkjet web print in the commercial print market.


  • Tight web, continuous driven roller path at infeed for superior web control
  • Touch screen user interface panel on swing arm
  • Large variable cutoff range
  • Memory for hundreds of jobs for recall makeready
  • Infeed with driven rollers for superior web control
  • Infeed edge trim with ejection tubes
  • Register system using print mark on the web
  • Dual cylinder cutting design
  • Programmable chip out settings
  • Waste chip evacuation through center knife hood
  • Air supported paper flow
  • Cassette style cutting cylinder for easy, open access

Technical Specifications