MBO Wins “World Market Leader” Award Once Again

For the second time in a row, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has been named a “World Market Leader” by “WirtschaftsWoche” magazine. The two awards were preceded by nominations as “World Market Leader Future Champion” in 2019 and 2018. The basis for the evaluation is the current world market leader index. This index is compiled by the University Sankt Gallen under the scientific leadership of Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller.

Inclusion of companies among the “World Market Leaders” is based on the following criteria:

  1. Company ranks 1st or 2nd on the relevant market segment
  2. At least € 50 million annual turnover, 50% of which must be achieved abroad and on at least 3 continents
  3. Company headquarters at least partly in Germany

Thomas Heininger, CEO of the MBO Group, is pleased about the award, but emphasises: “Successes like these awards are only possible because we maintain very close and trusting relationships with our business partners and employees and treat them as equals. Together we exchange ideas and develop new products. That is the only way we can grow together and compete successfully in the market.” The other listed World Market Leaders include such renowned companies as Adidas, Bayer, Daimler, SAP or Siemens.