Successful Sales Launch for the H+H S45 Small-format Folding Machine

15 machines already in the market
Just a few months ago, H+H presented the S45, a small-format folding machine for short folded products. 15 machines of this type have already been sold since the launch. The positive response to the S45 is in particular due to its low purchase price and short delivery times along with the customary high quality. The H+H small-format folding machine is available in a predefined configuration as a package including feeder, first and second folding unit, conveyor and vertical stacker delivery.

H+H S45 live at the Alliance Days 2021
Interested parties can see the merits of the H+H S45 for themselves at the Alliance Days 2021 of the Postpress Alliance. The Alliance Days are being held for the second time – this year as a two-part event. From 16 to 19 November 2021, the Alliance partners will be presenting themselves and their machines live during an Open House in Solms. Visitors are expressly welcome to attend and can look forward to personal, face-to-face meetings. The second part of the event will take place on 30 November 2021 and 1 December 2021 as a virtual VIP event via live video transmission. Here, interested parties can make individual, non-binding video appointments with the Alliance partners. The advantage compared to similar concepts is that these are not webinars with several participants. Instead, participants are offered an exclusive, one-on-one VIP meeting with the Alliance Partners, allowing them to profit from very personal machine demonstrations.

Registration for the Alliance Days 2021
If you would like to experience a live demonstration of the H+H S45 during the Alliance Days 2021 – on site in Solms or in virtual format as a VIP visitor – please register on the platform

Advantages of the H+H S45
The H+H S45 has many advantages which make it a cut above the rest of the field. For example, it has eight or four new buckle plates which remain in the machine without exception for all adjustment work. This means convenient operation and simplifies the set-up process.

A further highlight of the machine is the integrated, movable transfer unit, including ejection device between the first and second folding unit. It is firmly installed on the folding machine and has a sliding function. This ensures ergonomic access to the slitter shafts. The rear section of the transfer unit can also be displaced, allowing easy adjustment to the lateral position of the cross fold unit. No need for tiresome shifting of the subsequent units forwards and backwards during a format changeover, which reduces set-up time and saves space in the production environment.

The new small-format folding machine is equipped with the intuitive M1 Basic control. The software also allows optional remote maintenance of the machine.

The extra-long register table in front of the first folding unit, with a length of 1.4 m (55”), ensures reliable alignment of the sheets. The register table can be retrofitted at a later point with a camera system for code reading.

The machine can be expanded with various peripheral devices, for example a belt press, a labeller or a parallel knife folding unit.