B1 Sheets & Smaller

Using MBO’s 30″ Web Sheeting Line & the SHP770/800

The SHP770/800 high pile stacker has been designed for stacking large sheets with a length of up to 1,016 mm or 40“ cleanly and accurately directly onto pallets. Incoming sheets are conveyed in a shingled stream and formed into a perfect stack by lateral and lengthwise alignment systems. The pallets are changed automatically. All the operator has to do is load empty pallets into the stacker and remove completed pallets before the next stack change. Additionally, system downtime is greatly reduced because the automated pallet changes occur without requiring any interruption to the production stream. The SHP770/800 is designed for high running speeds in continuous operation. It is only available in combination with the SSD770 Shingle Stream Module and the SSC770 Shingle Stream Separation.  The system is also flexible and can produce other sizes of sheets because of the integral slitting system.  1-Up B1, 1-Up B2, 2-Up B3 and 13″x19″ are all possible.  With a web speed of up to 250MPM the SHP system can keep up with even the highest production demands.

Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum guides ensures precision alignment during stacking
  • Adjustable stack batch count and height gives you multiple ways to determine when a job is complete
  • Automated pallet changes switch out the completed pallet for an empty pallet without ever stopping production
  • Up to 3-up production (8.5×11, A4)

This Solution Generally Consists of:

  • System is used as the delivery system to an MBO Sheeting Line
  • SSD Shingled Stream System
  • SSC 770 Shingled Stream Compactor Buffer Station
  • SHP 800 High Pile Stacker

Technical Specifications

SHP 770/800 Brochure
MBO Cut-Sheet Production, 30 inch Roll-to-Palletized-Stack

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